On the Trail of the Plates of Mormon

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On this blog I hope to present a strong case to show how Mormon’s Nephite record ended up in western New York. I will present my findings and insights and I will leave it up to you to draw your own conclusions. I will not compare or bash other theories concerning Book of Mormon geography with my theory. Too many sites I have come across have done this already. Everything on this site is my own conclusions and I will cite references everywhere I can. This is a somewhat complex topic to write about so I hope I can be as organized as I can. I am not a professional writer but I will do my best.

To start off with I will show you my map that I created then explain the different areas. Essentially, my theory is a combination of all the prevailing theories with some details not included that I have found. In short, my theory says that the Nephites, over a 1000 year period, migrated north in stages bringing with them and updating their history on gold plates. It seemed like whenever the Church of God was on the verge of destruction a group of Nephites moved north into a new area and settled there for a time. I have found a pattern in the Book of Mormon that shows this. There is one major migration into new lands every three books with two in Alma, Hagoath’s trips and the 5400 Nephites. I will show you later why I included the 5400 Nephites as a major migration. Based on Joseph Smith’s statements and historical documents that I have found I believe that this is the closest to how the Nephites ended up in western New York. I believe Joseph Smith new exactly where the Nephite lands are but was only allowed to talk about it in small portions. Remember, he was the only one to have spoken to the Angel Moroni and I believe he was told the whole history of the Nephites and where they lived. Here is the map I created to illustrate my theory:

over all view of the Book of Mormon lands

I will explain each part of the map in later posts. I have also included another map on this site I created showing how and why different groups of people ended up in Central America and spread throughout the Americas. This may have been God’s master plan on how to bring back Adam’s family to the New world after the flood. More on this later.


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