Noah’s Family gathering before Christ.

On this post, I will be talk about the map I created showing the descendants of Noah’s three sons returning to North America before Christ.

Noah’s Family before Christ

Click on map for larger view.

There are many reports that show that various groups of people from the Old World settled in the New World.  Although some these claims are disputed among archaeologists and historians there is still an element of truth to these claims. Why would someone who found an artifact make up information on what he believes to be an Egyptian, Viking, etc. artifact? To gain a good reputation or publicity? Most of the time this failed but a few artifacts still are a mystery even among archaeologists, whether they would admit to it or not. How would you explain the Hebrew inscriptions found in New Mexico that have been proven to be hundreds of years old? This is just one example of many artifacts that have been found here in the US and throughout the New World that have remained a mystery. There seemed to be 3 basic groups of artifacts that date to around the time of Christ or before that have been found in the New World based on written reports. Asian, Semitic, and Egyptian/Phoenician with a few Roman and Greek artifacts thrown in. I have found some reports that date back before 1800 that talk about Jews arriving in the New World and reports on Native American legends that talk about their people coming from the  lands across the great waters either east or west. Why would these reporters fabricate such stories for the government especially Native American legends?  I created this map and  my other map on my home page based on these reports, the Book of Mormon,  general knowledge of world history, and archaeological discoveries. Whether you believe in the Book of Mormon or not these maps would work even with just archaeological discoveries and general history. I personally believe the Book of Mormon is a true account of early New World history and is the source of my faith in Christ. I believe the Book of Mormon confirms these discoveries. This map in this post shows different groups of people arriving in the New World and their relationship to one of the sons of Noah. I got the idea when I was looking up information about the sons of Noah from this Wikipedia article. When I was reading this article, the Nephite migrations suddenly came into my mind. It suddenly occurred to me to look closer at the key people who led these migrations. After the flood, Noah’s sons moved their families to different parts of the world. Japheth went to the Orient, Ham went to Egypt, and Shem settled in the Mesopotamia area.  One map I created used the Hopi swastika to map out their general migration routes and so I added these sons to the map. Only now I had to figure out who goes where. Lehi was the founder of the Nephite nation, Mulek was the founder of Zarahemla and Hagoth sailed north and settled the west coast of the United States. Lehi we know was a Jew whose line is from Shem. Mulek possibly brought Egyptians or Phoenicians with him whose line is from Ham(I believe that Mulek may have used Phoenician ships and crews to bring him here). Not much is known about Hagoth but if the pattern is right he would be descended from Japheth. There is a lot of research claiming that Asiatic people came over the land bridge many hundreds of years ago and that a few groups of these people possibly came over in ships and settled along the west coast, from Alaska to South America. This might be the Jaredites. This would explain why certain Native American features look Asian. As far as the Phoenician aspect is concerned, there has been what some researchers claim to be Phoenician ports and artifacts found in Brazil and eastern US and that the Nephites in Zarahemla had shipping, according to the Book of Mormon. The Jewish line is found in reports of bearded statues of men and caves in Ecuador filled with records on gold plates, chariots, and other Old World artifacts plus we have the Book of Mormon for those who believe it to be a true account of early American history. Nephites are believed to have introduced writing and advanced farming among other things to the New World.

I believe all three groups of people came together in Central America and over time mixed and became one people. Just before Christ was crucified and cities and lands were destroyed in the New World this mixed group migrated north and settled in central US and became a new people for a time. I believe that this may have God’s master plan on returning his people back to the US where Adam’s family originally lived. God is very well organized and would not haphazardly move people around.

More to come…


5 thoughts on “Noah’s Family gathering before Christ.

  1. ditchu

    one issue I have with this map… No it is not the swastica…
    In the Book of Mormon it indicates massive land and ocianic changes. The map of the Americias before this change would show the land being significantlly different.

  2. uft36 Post author

    Thank you for your comment. Are you talking about 3rd Nephi at the time of Christ? I realize that the lands were very different before the time of Christ but the cities and other structures that were built before Christ that were found have not moved when the land changed. The western coast of Central America, I don’t believe, has changed that much over the last few thousands years so the angle of the land would in general be the same. The lines just show in general what I believe to be the migration routes these groups of people took to get to various places in the New World irregardless of land changes. I know there are a lot of problems with my map but I only just started to go through the details. I am not sure if anyone else has thought of this idea before but I hope someone will consider going a little further in researching these ideas. I have a lot of references and information just putting it all together and writing it down is a challenge for me.

  3. mark

    I spent a good portion of a mission reading the Bof M and I did not work out where Zarahemla is ?

    Now, many years latter, I find that DNA research would suggest that the american indians migrated from Asia. Not Israel.


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