Gold Book of Bulgaria

I am going to return to my original reason why I started this blog. To share my ideas on ancient American history based on the Book of Mormon. I respect everyone’s opinion on ancient history and doctrine but I will not tolerate anyone condemning my beliefs based on evidences and interpretation. I think I made that clear in my last post. If anyone has questions or comments about what I am presenting I will keep them posted otherwise I will delete any comments that will lead me into a doctrinal debate on what is right or wrong according to your interpretation. I do not want to go through again what I went through with the last commenter. I know many other LDS bloggers have gone through this with their blogs and I have read many postings and comments along the same lines. This kind of debate is not what I intended when I started doing this. I never liked to read or witnessing debates between different faiths. It never gets anywhere and I always feel terrible and negative afterwards. This what happened to me lately. Granted, I could have just let it go and deleted it but I did not know who I was dealing with at the time. I learned my lesson quickly. There are some people out there determined to show why you believe is false and wrong irregardless of how many times and ways you tell them I really don’t care. Just don’t tell me that I am wrong and will be condemned for my beliefs.

I love to read and talk about ancient history and I was amazed to discover this article a while back about an ancient gold book that was discovered. Some of you may be already familiar with this but I just wanted to add it to my blog as a record for my research. This does not prove the Book of Mormon is true but at least supports the idea that there were gold books produced in ancient times. I like this website owner’s comment on the article.

Gold Book at the Bulgarian Museum

The world’s oldest multiple-page book – in the lost Etruscan language – has gone on display in Bulgaria’s National History Museum in Sofia.

It contains six bound sheets of 24 carat gold, with illustrations of a horse-rider, a mermaid, a harp and soldiers.

The small manuscript, which is more than two-and-a-half millennia old, was discovered 60 years ago in a tomb uncovered during digging for a canal along the Strouma river in south-western Bulgaria.

Gold Book

Dates to around 600 BC.


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