Some comments on questioning another person’s faith.

What is it about the LDS Church that inspires so many people to spend their time trying to prove it false or start whole ministries solely on proselyting to the Mormons? I don’t believe that there is any other faith that receives this much attention and whole websites devoted to disproving the claims of the LDS Church. These people often use “evidence” to support their claims and use obscure and unknown writings of the Church to discredit our beliefs. It’s one thing irregardless of your faith to teach about the Gospel of Christ to others. It’s quite another to try to convince others through evidence and interpretation that what you believe is false and wrong. Jesus Christ has taught to love and respect other’s beliefs and way of life. Did Jesus pick and chose who He wanted to teach about His Father in Heaven and how to live your life? According to the New Testament He didn’t, at least from my understanding. Did He teach the Apostles to go out and prove with evidence and to convince the people that what they believe in was wrong? He taught to teach the people irregardless of race or background His Gospel and let the Holy Spirit witness to them what they are taught is of God. I don’t need evidence or testimonies to prove to myself that what I believe is correct or not. That is what the Holy Spirit is for. Evidence and testimonies only support the ideas of what I believe is true. The LDS Church has taught this from the beginning. It is up to the individual to investigate whether or not a certain doctrine is true and to go ponder and pray about it. Sometimes you won’t receive an answer right away but eventually you will. It is taught in the scriptures to put our faith in God not on what you see and on witnessing miracles. The people of Jerusalem witnessed and testified of many miracles that they saw Jesus Christ perform and yet He was still crucified for what He believed in. We are not to sit in judgement in condemning another’s faith or way of life. That is left up to God to decide. I hope that I haven’t offended anyone with this post. If I do please forgive me. I respect everyone’s opinions but I am tired of reading someone’s article or posting condemning my faith and showing  “evidence” why my faith in God is wrong and false.


6 thoughts on “Some comments on questioning another person’s faith.

  1. John

    It is because there is so much evidence that Mormonism is incorrect. It is amazing that anyone can believe it when things like the book of Abraham have been translated and do not say what Joseph Smith said they say. Also the LDS church falsely claims to be Christian and confuses and attacks the true church (which is the Bible believing Christians who belive Jesus Christ is all that is required for salvation and He has paid the price for our since, not any works we do in addition to His attonement.) It is a cult that cuts off its members from the outside world and logical reasoning, instead insisting on believing without question, even when the Bible itself tells us to reason. It destroys lives and causes many psychological problems, as its followers try to live a perfect life, (knowing that is required of them), all the while hiding thier sin from everyone else, in order to not stand out. It causes the deepest shame and hypocracy perhaps of any religion on this earth, and it destroys the very name of Jesus Christ representing something else instead of the truth He brought. God has a plan for you life if you are willing to accept it, look at the evidence. Look at your own life and realize that you will never live up to the expectations that are put on you, you will never be worthy of Christ’s sacrifice. So, just accept it as it is, a free gift from God that you do not have to work for and can not be added to or earned. Read the Bible, especially the New Testament (Romans is a good place to start), and you will see in no uncertain terms that faith is required not works or any other thing. You will see that Jesus Himself did not find equality with God something to be grasped, (even though He was God in flesh.) May God bless you and reveal the truth of His word to you.

  2. uft36 Post author

    John, just to let you know, I never grew up in the LDS Church and everything I believe in I chose to believe in. God is a very big part of my life and I have done what He asks me to do. And I will not limit myself just to the Bible. God is still living and He will reveal additional scriptures to us. How else will we progress if we don’t? God requires us to hold a higher standard of living than the rest of the world. But that doesn’t mean we are perfect. If you look at the prophets of the Bible they have many weaknesses and faults just like the rest of us. As a strong member I am frustrated myself with other members lack of interest in doing the basics that is required like home teaching. I will always believe in the organization of the Church and the doctrine even if there are very few members to support it. It is the same as the New Testament church and what Christ has taught us, that is how to be a true Christian and living a Christ-like life.

  3. John

    You are correct, God is living, but His final revelation has already been revealed. This is why when Jesus died on the cross He said “It is finished.” It is also why Paul calls Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith. Jesus himself said “And adulterous and perverse generation seeks and sign and no sign will be given besides that of Jonah.” The reason He said that was to indicate that there will be no more signs from heaven no more revelations, like Jonah God has already told us what He wants us to do and what His will and purpose are. No one is perfect and I applaud you for you conviction and effor to do what is required of you and hold others accountable of those same commitments they had made when they said they would follow Christ.
    God is so wonderful to have saved us and shown us the mercy of His love when we deserve justice. Just as Moses had interveined for the Isrealites in the desert, Jesus has interveined for us. His sacrifice is all that is required, the Bible is very clear on this. There is no other revealation and there doesn’t need to be. Jesus said “I Am the Truth the Way and the Life, no one comes to the Father except through Me.” By adding our own work or theology to the simplicity which Christ taught, destroys his very teaching. Paul himself warned the churches of this very thing, when he said that after he was gone wolves would come dressed as sheep.
    Christ came to free us from the law, not to bind us to it. The law has no power over us, because the law brings death not salvation. When we subject ourselves to the law we bring death upon us instead of dwelling in Christ’s freedom. Am I saying that we should just do whatever we want and sin as much as we want? No, just as Paul said, just because we are free from the law doesn’t mean that we should sin, it is the new heart and new nature God put in us, that makes it possible for us to do good and do His will, to show His love to others out of the love that overflows from us.
    The danger of the LDS Church is the requirement of fullfilling a law in addition to Christ’s sacrifice. To say that there is anything our part or work we have to do in addiation to Christ’s sacrifice, besides having faith, is to say that Christ’s death was no enough. It is in very essense to crucify Him over and over again. Christ wants to save you from the impossible situation you are in that is why He died on the cross. But you have to let Him. Realize that you will never achieve the requirement that is set forth by the law. I am well aquainted with the Mormon church and I know what is required of you. I know it is almost impossible to get a temple reccomend with out lying. I know the shame and guilt that is perpetually lived, as you fall short again and again. We will continue to fall short, because we are human, we are not God, that is why we need the free gift God has to offer us.
    I could provide you tons of evidence that Joseph Smith was a phony, and that the LDS teaching contradict themselves, enough evidence to prove without a doubt that the LDS presumptions are completely false, but that doesn’t really matter, because the issue of that matter is not facts and scientific knowledge, or even logical reasoning (although all of those things do have their parts.) The real issue is God’s love for all of us and His desire for us to be saved from eternal seperation with Him, by His sacrifice of Christ. He wants us to be free! There is a place with gnashing of teeth, the Bible says its true.

    In Christ’s Love,


  4. uft36 Post author

    Believe what you want. I still stand by my beliefs whether you want to accept it or not. I am not going through this again so please read my comments here…
    By the way, why don’t you spend more time promoting your faith instead of trying to convince us Mormons why we are so wrong? You will never find me commenting on another blog trying to convince them they are wrong or anyone one else, for that matter. People believe what they want. It’s an argument that will go no where and it’s a waste of my time. I rather study ancient history and other worthwhile subjects and work on my beliefs on my own and by the Holy Spirit.


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