Did Phoenicians discover America?

This is the title of a public domain book published in 1892 that I found at the Internet Archive. I know there is a lot of speculation and theories that they came to the New World from the Atlantic side but this author has shown through architecture, ancient texts, artifacts found in Central America, etc. that they originally¬† came across the Pacific Ocean. He linked together all the archaeological discoveries and cultural similarities found from India through the South Sea Islands to South America and Central America. His map of the Phoenician route is very similar to the current maps of Lehi’s travel to the New World. This is the best theory I have read on early migrations of Old World people.

This is one of my favorite passages of this book found on page 29:

“The ruins of Mexico and Central America present so many different architectural styles, that it seems very
probable that they were built at different times, and by different peoples. Those which appear to be oldest,
and which are most uniform in style are, the substructures in Maya-pam.”

The author also gives a great discussion on the Aztec calender or water stone. He sees it as a mariner’s compass that the Phoenicians used in their sea travels. There is a lot of possible research that could be done based on this book and could answer some questions on Mayan and Aztec history.

You can download the book online here:

Phoenicians in America


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