Limited geography model article.

I just read this great article, Reconsidering Book of Mormon Geography, from David Stewart, Jr’s website 72languages ( no longer active).

From my understanding of the article, the author believes in the hemispheric model. He shows a very strong argument for this model. The only point I don’t agree with is the others in the land section. I have shown on this blog that there were others in the land even though it doesn’t specifically say that in the Book of Mormon.

The main reason for this post is to show you why I believe Joseph Smith is the foundation of my theory.

From the article:

Smarter than the Prophet?
Lucy Mack Smith, mother of the prophet Joseph Smith, recorded that Joseph “would describe the ancient inhabitants of this continent, their dress, their manner of traveling, the animals which they rode, the cities that they built, and the structure of their buildings with every particular; their mode of warfare, and their religious worship as specifically as though he had spent his life with them.”
As the translator of the Book of Mormon who received numerous divine visitations from the Angel Moroni, keeper of the sacred records, and inspired prophet of the Restoration, Joseph Smith was in a unique position to provide insight into Book of Mormon peoples. The early brethren, who had been taught directly by Joseph Smith, recorded a nearly unanimous belief in hemispheric spread of Book of Mormon peoples. Joseph Smith’s pronouncements about Book of Mormon peoples ought to be carefully studied in any interpretation of Book of Mormon geography.”

This statement says what I believe perfectly. I have said in an earlier post that Joseph Smith was the only true expert on the Book of Mormon history and researchers seem to have pushed him aside and dismissed his statements. They always say we don’t know whether it was by revelation or his own opinion. How can we argue against and challenge the first Prophet and the early brethren based on this statement? Joseph Smith brought into this world a history of the North American people that is being challenged by both LDS and non-LDS members. He provided some of the answers that historians and the people in general have been asking since the Europeans arrived here. Where did the Native Americans come from and what is their history? They have told a few people that they came over from the lands of the west and yet researchers refuse to believe them. Who else would know more about their history? Only Joseph Smith. He gave us specific answers in the Book of Mormon of at least one line of descendants from Israel. The Book of Mormon only talks about the Nephite history. It was never meant to be a history of other New World people. There are other records, like the Mentinah records, that talk about these other people. And numerous archaeological discoveries have shown that many different people came here from all over the world. In my last post, I briefly talked about the Phoenicians setting up colonies in Central America. How do we know that they didn’t migrate north and settled parts of North America and lived with the Jaredites? Maybe they mixed at one point but through wars and famine the population was nearly wiped out before Lehi came.

To recap my theory, I believe that the Nephites were pushed northward by the Lamanites over a thousand year period. Whenever the Church or the people were about to be destroyed the Lord moved the Nephites to another location and restarted the Church there. I am slowly incorporating the Nemenhah history from the Mentinah Archives into this theory and other sources of information that I have found to support my ideas. It will take me a while to get all this down on this blog but I have plenty of time. I have a lot of source material that I have gathered to present on this blog and I continue searching the internet for more and new information.


3 thoughts on “Limited geography model article.

  1. Zelph

    First time I heard about the limited geography theory was on my mission. I served in Mexico and there was an LDS archaeologist that said that it was likely that the hill Cumorah in the Book of Mormon was different than the one in Upstate, NY. That was shocking to me, as I had always believed and was always taught that there was only one hill Cumorah.

    The paradox is drawn when we are supposed to believe that the prophets have special knowledge, or special abilities to discern truth, yet LDS archaeologists were telling me that the BoM lands according to the descriptions in the travel distances were only about 300 miles in diameter.

    I had always grown up with the Hemispheric model and this is one of the things that led me to doubt.

  2. uft36 Post author

    Hi, Zelph! Thanks for your comment. I have a harder time believing in “experts” than in a prophet’s testimony. I know they have gained a lot of experience and knowledge in their fields but sometimes I think they are to narrow minded to consider other possibilities. If you have looked at some of my other posts and pages I have shown how the Book of Mormon plates ended up in New York and I hope in future posts I can make a clearer picture of my theory. I still stand by Joseph Smith more than anyone else when it comes to the Book of Mormon. I don’t fully understand why certain things were said and done in the early Church and I really don’t care at this time. I have found non-LDS texts that supports the idea that people migrated here from the Old World. Any evidence found in the early 1800’s was very few and there was only speculation on the origins of the Native Americans. Joseph Smith provided the only piece of evidence to support this idea and no one can accept the idea that maybe he is right after all. As far as the two Cumorahs is concerned, there maybe a hill similar to the one in New York found in Central America but it is not the one in the Book of Mormon and I don’t care how much research has been done to “prove” otherwise. In the book The History of New York written in the 1800’s the author talked about the early settlers finding huge pits of bones and many weapons dug up that suggested a huge warfare happened in the past. Of course, we don’t know how far back the war took place but the Native American traditions say that it was a very long time ago. How can we deny Native American traditions and early accounts of settler’s discoveries? Archaeologists will continue to deny these reports because it was before modern archaeology. They can’t see these artifacts and places for themselves. New England’s weather and land is the most unstable in the world and it won’t take long for artifacts to be buried very deep. Some of the houses and farms from the 1600’s and 1700’s that were not restored or kept up have virtually disappeared from the landscape. How can we find anything from 2000 years ago? I could go on but read my posts and do some more digging before passing judgment on Joseph Smith and the LDS Church. And listen to the Holy Spirit, as well. I don’t agree with everything in the Church but some things are just not that important for me to condemn this Church, especially things from early Church history. Joseph Smith will always be my standard when it comes to believing in this Church, in spite of the “evidence” against him. Who else has had this much conviction of belief to withstand the mobs, death of some of his children, poverty, being tarred and feathered and chased all over the country just to promote a fake story of what the Native Americans have always believed?

  3. Zelph

    I agree that if one is to maintain that Joseph Smith was a prophet and translated the BoM that his words should carry greater weight. That is what we are taught in the church, and the ultimate irony is that to defend the BoM, LDS scholars throw the prophets under a bus.

    You have some good questions and I would suggest to continue to study and learn about church history and continue to look at archeology.


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