Some thoughts.

It has been a long time since I have posted anything on here. I was becoming a little discouraged with introducing my theory and I have received very few positive comments. I am not sure what to do.  Do I need a fancy flash based website or get a Church endorsement? A lot of visits lately have been either for Phoenicians, Mentinah records, or Noah’s sons. I wasn’t really expecting much, I guess, from well established researchers and authors.  Recently, I have been visiting different sites to see if there has been anything new. I tried reading a few theories again but I ran into too many questions. I just can’t get past the idea that Lehi may have landed near the Jaredite war or that two great nations- the Nephites and the people of Zarahemla – were separated by a narrow strip of land and missed each other for about 500 years. I just had a new idea that came to mind. I was looking at a Google timeline of Coriantumr and a thought just occurred to me. Lehi landed in the New World about 593 BC and according to a couple of sources the Jaredites lasted at least to 400 BC. That’s about 200 years that Lehi’s family was in the New World. If all the Book of Mormon events took place in such a small area as Central America and upstate New York Lehi’s family would have been right in the middle of that war. The Jaredite nation was at least 2000 years old with maybe millions of people throughout the New World. Even if the ending year was closer to 500 BC that would be only about 100 years and that is closer to the landing of Lehi and Mulek in the New World. If all the events took place in one small area as everyone suggests then how did Lehi’s and Mulek’s families survive? I just don’t see how. If they arrived at the start of the war then why wasn’t it mention in the Book of Mormon? The Jaredite nation is believed to be in Central America. If Mulek’s people lived near the Jaredites were they involved as well in the great war? My theory, I believe, resolves these questions. The Jaredite war ended in upstate New York. The final war was far enough away from Central America that it would be safe for Mulek to arrive. He would have organized the people there into a new society. But it still would not be safe enough for Lehi’s family to get started. I have read that South America was set aside as a game preserve by the Jaredites. If this is true then what better place to start fresh and re-establish God’s Church in the New World? Of course there would be a few villages to maintain the area and these people may be the ones that Laman and Lemuel went to. I believe this area would be Ecuador, Columbia and northern Peru. There is an extensive cave system in Ecuador that was discovered in the 1960’s that was believed to contain brass plates, chariots and hundreds of different artifacts. North America was corrupted by the Jaredites and most resources were used up in the war.  The Jaredites in Central America as well was still in a state of apostasy and may not accept a small group of righteous Jews from a foreign land. Mulek and his group of refugees did not have any records with them and probably were not ready to start a new Church in the land so they were perfect to re-organize the people there. You see a pattern here? Lehi started in South America. Mulek in Central America. And the Jaredites in North America. Lehi’s family split into two nations-the Nephites and the Lamanites. In the Book of Mormon all the Nephite migrations went north. Mosiah discovered the land of Zarahemla to the north. The land of Nephi became too corrupted so therefore Mosiah had to leave with some followers. At this time the people of Zarahemla were ready for the Church to be established by Mosiah. The great war was over up north and Mulek’s new society was established. The United States land was still covered with bones and the land was used up during the war. Very few resources were available for any kind of village or town. It would simply be not fit until the land was able to support people. Any survivors would have banded together for survival. Maybe after a couple of hundred years this would be the land of Manti in the Missouri-southern Illinois area. Why would God place His people and try to establish His Church in such a desolate and wild area? South America would be a better place to start and work north. Once Lehi’s family was established then it was time for them to move north. Central America is a perfect location for God’s Church. God could work both north and south to spread the Gospel throughout the New World.

These thoughts have been going around my head for a while now and finally decided to post them. Trying a new tactic. Maybe someone would take notice this time and at least think about what I have written on here. I will post resources if anyone asks for them.


2 thoughts on “Some thoughts.

  1. Kelly

    I’ve been checking your site periodically and it always facinates me what new info you have posted….so I hope you don’t get too discouraged. Every year more and more pieces of the puzzle will come to light and science will catch up with what different people and tribes have already known. I am LDS and I also believe the mentinah archives. I have some Arapaho heritage and I’ve been researching online their history and if they have any stories of where they came from…Anyway I stumbled upon this site which you might find interesting.

    I don’t know much about “hope-of-Israel” or histories of civilizations but it is more explanation of where the native people of America came from. I have found it interesting that Arapaho (part of the alagonquin language group) are known to be tall and slender, the men average 6’2″ (One Hundred Years of Old Man Sage, page 76) and have prominent noses and high cheek bones. I’ve always thought that they looked like dark skinned Europeans, maybe vikings, but definitely not asian-looking.
    Hope this helps! Thanks for sharing your work

  2. uft36 Post author

    Thanks, Kelly! It is great to read that someone is interested in what I have posted. I get hits almost everyday but not too many comments and most of the time they are negative. At one point someone visited several times in one day and I was curious to know why he/she was visiting so often. I am not sure if I mentioned this in a posting but I have always believed that the eastern tribes looked more Egyptian or Phoenician and the west coast were more Asian. This is what got me interested in the Church before I joined. Anyway, I would like to find out more on your thoughts about the Archives and ancient American history. I have been looking for someone to talk about the Archives without having a debate on their authenticity. (This has happened to me to many times.) Please e-mail me at . Thanks for the link. I made a copy and will read it tomorrow. By the way, I live in Oklahoma and I don’t know too many people here so don’t worry about anyone finding out about your interest in the Archives. This tends to be a sensitive subject in Utah and in other Mormon communities and so your contact information will be kept confidential and only known by me. I hope we can get together and talk some more.


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