The Joseph Smith model.

I came across this series of articles presented by Marlene. I wish I had the talent to express my theory as well as she did.  Both of our theories are very similar. My map describes her theory perfectly.


11 thoughts on “The Joseph Smith model.

  1. uft36 Post author

    Ok, I have had enough of your nonsense. If this is a way a BOM Christian behaves then I don’t want any more part of you. If you don’t have any thing constructive to say then you will be banned. This is my blog that talks about ancient American history. If you don’t have anything to contribute then again you will be banned. You will not get anywhere using negative and insulting comments. Go spam someone else.

  2. BOMC

    I’m asking that you follow ALL the SCRIPTURES.

    There are enough arm-chair geographers ignoring what they say!

    Are you going to ignore Cumorah in Palmyra? Just answer that.

  3. uft36 Post author

    I never said that Cumorah was not in Palmyra. If you read and look at my maps you will find that I have placed all the scriptures in areas that I believe occurred in the New World. This is based on Joseph Smith’s comments as a Prophet, archaeological discoveries and Native American traditions. Is everyone wrong in their research? I have found a Native American tradition that places their tribe in the Isthmus of Darian. Maybe, if I haven’t already, should post this sometime soon. And Alogonquin tribes believe that they came from the lands of Ice over a land bridge far to the west. Are they wrong in their traditions? And there is enough evidence to show that there was some Judaic influence in Native American cultures as well, sometime in the past. There is a rock in New Mexico with Hebrew characters on them. What I did was build a possible theory to explain all these mysteries and possibly answer some tough questions presented by historians and researchers. IT IS ONLY A THEORY NOT FACTS. It is a work in progress, like I said.

    1. uft36 Post author

      Yes, I believe the last battles of the Jaredite and Nephite nations ended in upstate New York. By the way, I used to live in upstate New York while my dad was stationed in Rome. So, I am a little familiar with the area. And my whole family is from New England. Just to let you know that I am someone who is familiar with it’s history and landscape. And I have lived in most places from the east coast to the west coast.

  4. BOMG

    Okay, let’s put this dialogue to bed. You accept the Nemenhah records story, therefore you are obligated to place Hagoth on the Pacific coast.

    The problem with that is, you have no Narrow Neck connecting to a Land Northward completely surrounded by water with FOUR SEAS. Secondly, you have no DNA supporting your hypothesis. Here are some links:

    1. Satan distracts believers in the Book of Mormon:

    2. Nephite DNA survived through Hagoth’s group:

    1. uft36 Post author

      I don’t know who is more stubborn, you or me. I believe what Alma is describing is in Central America and Helaman is describing is in eastern US. I was not obligated to place Hagoth on the west coast because of the Nememhah records. I built this map before I read them. The records only confirmed what I believed and worked on for almost a year. The top map was the result of my studies and the bottom map is after I read the records. I went through the same thing with the Book of Mormon. I had a working theory of Native American history and it was confirmed by the Book of Mormon. Where is your fourth sea? If you are referring to the Genesee River, why would they name a flowing river a sea? Lake Placid would be more likely considered a sea. As far as DNA evidence is concerned, I don’t believe it would work in this case. You are talking about at least 2000 years of families migrating and integrating with local peoples. The south Pacific people are extremely nomadic, mainly by sea. Trading goes on from island to island. Families have mixed from all over the south Pacific but mostly the Asiatic peoples have dominated the islands. I know about genetic markers. Unless you can find a literal descendant you will not find Hagoth’s family in the islands or a Lamanite with Judaic DNA. This is where family histories and traditions come in. Native American and south seas peoples have carried their traditions for many hundreds of years, mostly by oral. I still need to investigate further in Hagoth’s relations in the Pacific.
      As far as your comment about Satan distracting believers from the Book of Mormon this sounds like a typical Biblical Christian argument against the Book of Mormon itself. I believe that God has plenty to teach us about our history and spirituality. It is up to us whether to accept it or not. Unless you can prove without a shadow of a doubt that Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon or that Paul wrote the epistles in his own hand or that Moses actually wrote the Torah don’t condemn those who believe in other records that they believe have been inspired by God. This is between them and God and only God can judge who is right or wrong. I can keep this going if you want to. I can answer just about anything you can come up with to disprove my theory and ideas.

      1. BOMG

        Regarding seas, that depended on where you were looking at them and when.

        Lake Tonawanda was larger 2k years ago, and so was the Sea East which connected to it. In BoM times, they were seas.

        Btw, you should identify the River Sidon.

  5. uft36 Post author

    I just want to say that I have no problem with a society living in New York. But you have not shown me any reason to believe that all of the Book of Mormon events happened there. You are using geography which has changed in 2000 years. Throughout the New World there are similar topographies to the New York lands. Why upstate New York and no where else other than the records were found there? I know about the discoveries made by early settlers of a great war in the area but this does not mean that the whole Book of Mormon happened there. I guess I see things a little different. I am seeing a whole history of people scattered throughout the New World and trying to connect them through traditions and archaeology. You need to give me more than geography to accept the idea that the Book of Mormon took place there.


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