Where is the BOM evidence that says it is true?

Book of Mormon theorists everywhere are looking for the smoking gun that proves once and for all that the Book of Mormon is a true record and that their theory is the most correct of all the theories. Personally, I don’t believe this will ever happen until everyone is in total agreement on the correct interpretation of the Book of Mormon lands and events that took place. Has anyone looked into the One White God traditions of all Native Americans in the Americas? Does anyone know for sure how this tradition began? The way I understand the Book of Mormon is that a small group of foreigners of Jewish descent established a colony probably near the Isthmus of Darien and South America and from there taught the natives their religion, new technology, language, etc. Over the course of hundreds of years these new teachings spread out towards other native tribes throughout South America. Religious practices and government were usually governed by a descendant of the first colonists who were treated as gods. Eventually, like all things governed by man, these teachings became corrupted and a new place needed to be established to continue the teachings of the first colonists. One of these leaders along with as many as would go with him migrated northward and established themselves amongst the early Central American peoples then eventually some of these people moved northward and taught the natives of North America. I believe these colonists later became the Viracochas and other bearded white gods that have been taught for generations amongst the native peoples.   Where is the evidence for this? You will find it in their stories and legends. The legend of the Great White God is the only tradition common to all the native peoples of the Americas, from the Arctic down to South America.  I have to wonder where did they get this idea from? There have to be a common source for this tradition. Some traditions says these gods came from the east while others say from the west. The Book of Mormon and archeology provides some clues. Lehi’s family is believed by some to come from the west  across the Pacific Ocean while Mulek, I believe, came from the east, across the Atlantic Ocean. I have posted links of books that have shown that the Mayans were a sea faring culture as well as Phoenicians crossing both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. No one will find Jewish DNA  in Native Americans because the early colonist’s later generations became absorbed into the local tribes. Only their teachings have survived the generations and without written records and someone to read them parts of their history became corrupted over time. The Aztec sacrificing humans and taking their hearts, I believe, is a corruption of the Holy Communion taught by Jesus Christ. You must sacrifice yourself in the service of man and the Lord, literally.

To be continued…..sometime.


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