Ancient Artifacts of North America

For the past 200 years various people in all walks of life have discovered ancient artifacts that could not be easily explained in the traditional models of ancient American life. These artifacts range from stone boxes to copper shoes. A large number of artifacts contain mysterious writings that have not been translated and believed by some to be frauds, created by people to gain publicity or to sell them for profit. Throughout North America there is more than enough evidence to show that there have been other people from around the world have visited here before Columbus. Viking runes in Oklahoma, Michigan, and other places. Phoenician like inscriptions on the East coast. Artifacts found in Ohio, Illinois and Indiana. In my opinion, there is too much evidence found by various people in the past 200 years to suggest that every one of them have been manufactured for publicity or profit.

A friend of mine gave me a disk of images over 2 years ago that shows pictures of the Soper Savage collection, Burrows cave artifacts and other discoveries. I don’t have much information on the pictures or where they were taken. I want to post these for anyone who might be interested in doing further research in these artifacts. I will not debate on whether these are real or frauds. There are more than enough articles online you can read to find out more information.

This is a very small sampling. I have a lot more if anyone wants to do more research into them.

Ancient American Artifacts


3 thoughts on “Ancient Artifacts of North America

  1. jr

    A few years ago I read an article in Biblical Archeology Review about an artifact found in a grave in the eastern U.S. The artifact has ancient Hebrew inscriptions on it. Of course it was declared a forgery right away. The comments that people wrote in about the article also dismissed the artifact and accused the archeologist of being LDS or working for the LDS, of which neither was true. One comment stuck out to me, the person said “it smacks of Mormonism”.
    It is sad that professional archeologists and anthropologists can not be truthful for being afraid of admitting that people from Israel and surrounding areas did come to this country way before Europeans. They must be afraid of making the Mormons right. Peer pressure really does make a person do things they should not. Even in the professional world.

    1. uft36 Post author

      Thank you for your comment. It is one of the best ones I have received on this blog. I pretty much have given up doing anything more on here. I don’t expect every one to agree with me but I got tired of every one posting their theories and telling me how wrong I am, both LDS and non-LDS. We think alike. I tend to lean more toward Native traditions more than historians and the earliest discoveries before 1850 and the science community took over. Not everyone’s theories are correct back then but when farmers dig up artifacts buried for centuries that do not fit the current theories you have to wonder why no one will accept them. Read the History of New York I think written in about 1860 or so…farmers were digging up thousands of arrowheads and old grave sites in the 1700s that have since disappeared. This suggests a great war took place there at least 500 years or more before the settlers came there. The Central American theorists always claim that there is no evidence of a great war in upstate New York simply because they couldn’t find any in the last 30 years or so. How do you explain these early reports then? They just made it up? Anyway, I could go on and if you want to talk more please write to me at uft36 at yahoo dot com. Thanks again for your comment. I may breathe life again into this blog…


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