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Ancient Artifacts of North America

For the past 200 years various people in all walks of life have discovered ancient artifacts that could not be easily explained in the traditional models of ancient American life. These artifacts range from stone boxes to copper shoes. A large number of artifacts contain mysterious writings that have not been translated and believed by some to be frauds, created by people to gain publicity or to sell them for profit. Throughout North America there is more than enough evidence to show that there have been other people from around the world have visited here before Columbus. Viking runes in Oklahoma, Michigan, and other places. Phoenician like inscriptions on the East coast. Artifacts found in Ohio, Illinois and Indiana. In my opinion, there is too much evidence found by various people in the past 200 years to suggest that every one of them have been manufactured for publicity or profit.

A friend of mine gave me a disk of images over 2 years ago that shows pictures of the Soper Savage collection, Burrows cave artifacts and other discoveries. I don’t have much information on the pictures or where they were taken. I want to post these for anyone who might be interested in doing further research in these artifacts. I will not debate on whether these are real or frauds. There are more than enough articles online you can read to find out more information.

This is a very small sampling. I have a lot more if anyone wants to do more research into them.

Ancient American Artifacts

Where is the BOM evidence that says it is true?

Book of Mormon theorists everywhere are looking for the smoking gun that proves once and for all that the Book of Mormon is a true record and that their theory is the most correct of all the theories. Personally, I don’t believe this will ever happen until everyone is in total agreement on the correct interpretation of the Book of Mormon lands and events that took place. Has anyone looked into the One White God traditions of all Native Americans in the Americas? Does anyone know for sure how this tradition began? The way I understand the Book of Mormon is that a small group of foreigners of Jewish descent established a colony probably near the Isthmus of Darien and South America and from there taught the natives their religion, new technology, language, etc. Over the course of hundreds of years these new teachings spread out towards other native tribes throughout South America. Religious practices and government were usually governed by a descendant of the first colonists who were treated as gods. Eventually, like all things governed by man, these teachings became corrupted and a new place needed to be established to continue the teachings of the first colonists. One of these leaders along with as many as would go with him migrated northward and established themselves amongst the early Central American peoples then eventually some of these people moved northward and taught the natives of North America. I believe these colonists later became the Viracochas and other bearded white gods that have been taught for generations amongst the native peoples.   Where is the evidence for this? You will find it in their stories and legends. The legend of the Great White God is the only tradition common to all the native peoples of the Americas, from the Arctic down to South America.  I have to wonder where did they get this idea from? There have to be a common source for this tradition. Some traditions says these gods came from the east while others say from the west. The Book of Mormon and archeology provides some clues. Lehi’s family is believed by some to come from the west  across the Pacific Ocean while Mulek, I believe, came from the east, across the Atlantic Ocean. I have posted links of books that have shown that the Mayans were a sea faring culture as well as Phoenicians crossing both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. No one will find Jewish DNA  in Native Americans because the early colonist’s later generations became absorbed into the local tribes. Only their teachings have survived the generations and without written records and someone to read them parts of their history became corrupted over time. The Aztec sacrificing humans and taking their hearts, I believe, is a corruption of the Holy Communion taught by Jesus Christ. You must sacrifice yourself in the service of man and the Lord, literally.

To be continued…..sometime.

What Book of Mormon Geography should I believe?

I have been resisting the urge to post arguments on why other Book of Mormon theories are wrong and to show why mine is the most correct. Personally, I don’t believe this is a good way to promote ideas and learning. It seems to me like a war going on out there in the research world, both LDS and non-LDS, into the origins of Native Americans of North, Central, and South America. Everyone has staked their claim on  evidences and discoveries to support their theories. I have periodically searched the internet for something new and once in a while I would find a posting to suggest an alternative idea. It seems to me that everyone is rehashing the same old information or trying to convince others that their theories are correct, as is shown by the comments made on this blog. I have gathered quite a list of commenters who instead of asking me questions try to convince me why I am wrong in my beliefs. I don’t doubt that what they have discovered is a good possibility in the locations of the Book of Mormon lands and honestly believe they have found the true interpretation. What I have a problem with these theories is that they are closed for further research and expansion and are instead gathering information to prove that they are right. No one can be absolutely sure of the correctness of ancient history and all evidence is based upon personal interpretation and background. There are so many theories out there on the origins of ancient Americans, both LDS and non-LDS, that we are often left in confusion on what to believe. Who do we believe? The PHD professor with 40 years of research or the arm chair researcher with no schooling? Or the LDS researcher with years of experience and learning? There are researchers who have built whole industries surrounding  their beliefs and trying to gather support for their ideas. For LDS members, will your faith in God and the Church be crushed when we finally learn about the Nephite history? Some will say no and yet some others will stand by their convictions. So, who do we believe and where do we go from here? Faithful LDS members stand by the Prophet and Church authorities. We are warned not to engage in scriptural hobbies because they tend  to create friction between members. Non-LDS researchers look towards their schools, professors, internet, religion, etc. for information. There has to be a middle ground somewhere between religious bias, as in promoting the Book of Mormon or the Bible, and mainstream, accepted theories promoted by professors and various schools of learning. Theories should not be treated as accurate facts. Theories change over time as more information is gathered and new ideas are presented. My impression on Book of Mormon geography theories presented are treated as facts and there can be no other possibility to where the Book of Mormon events took place. And mainstream non-LDS theories leave no room to question other possibilities, the author’s reputation is at stake.  Changes in theories take a long time to be accepted. This usually done by archaeologists discovering something new to add to the theory or a new interpretation is presented and accepted by an authority in a particular area. The Book of Mormon is generally difficult to prove true outside the LDS Church circles. To accept the Book of Mormon as a true record means to accept the origins of the Book of Mormon as a true account involving angels, magical stones, etc. which puts it into the realm of unprovable beliefs. To the LDS researcher most archeological discoveries prove the Book of Mormon to be true, depending on how the evidence is interpreted by the researcher. North American theorists are gathering evidence to support their conclusions that all the events took place there but cannot adequately explain the Mayan and South American traditions and Joseph Smith’s comments, in my opinion. The same is true with Central and South American theorists. They cannot explain how the plates of Mormon ended up in upstate New York without adding another Cumorah, angels, etc. All Book of Mormon theorists, as far as I know, do not accept the Land Bridge theory and are just begining to accept the idea that there were other peoples in this New World when Lehi landed. The ideas presented on this blog are my attempt to bridge the gap between LDS and non-LDS resources. Each time I work on this project I learn something new about the Book of Mormon and how it relates to the “real” world. I prefer to present possibilities not facts and let the reader to decide to believe it or not. Ancient American history needs fresh ideas to be explored and discovered and a compromise is needed between researchers in all areas of historical research.

Until my next posting…….

Boundaries of Zarahemla

I have been working on the land descriptions in the Book of Mormon for the last few weeks, trying to understand what is being said and relate it to today’s maps. This map is what I believe to be the boundaries of the land of Zarahemla, using the major rivers of Mexico as guidelines.

Looking at this map you can see how both the land of Zarahemla and the land of Nephi can be nearly surrounded by water. When I have more time I will show you more of what I have learned while researching my ideas and present maps of the other areas described in the Book of Mormon. This is only the begining so please no arguments against this map until I can explain later.

boundaries of zarahemla

Hebrew Colonies in the New World.

These two extracts are from Albert James Pickett  History of Alabama :

July 1776: When Milfort arrived among the Creeks, the old men often spoke of their ancestors, and they exhibited to him strands of pearls which contained their history and constituted their archives. Upon their arrangement depended their signification, and only principal events were thus preserved. One of their chaplets sometimes related the history of thirty years. Each year was rapidly distinguished by those who understood them. The old men, therefore, with the assistance of these singular records and strong memories, were enabled to impart to Milfort a correct tradition, the substance of which we give.

(This is similar to the quipu of the Incans.)

In 1822, Big Warrior, who then ruled the Creek confederacy, confirmed this tradition, even going further back than Milfort, taking the Muscogees from Asia, bringing them over the Pacific, landing them near the Isthmus of Darien, and conducting them from thence to this country. “My ancestors were a mighty people. After they reached the waters of the Alabama and took possession of all this country, they went further — conquered the tribes along the Chattahoochie, and upon all the rivers from thence to the Savannah — yes, and even whipped the Indians then living in the territory of South Carolina, and wrestled much of their country from them.” The Big Warrior concluded this sentence with great exultation, when Mr. Compere, to whom he was speaking, interposed an unfortunate question: — “If this is the way your ancestors acquired all the territory now lying in Georgia, how can you blame the American population in that State for endeavoring to take it from you?” Never after that could the worthy missionary extract a solitary item from the Chieftain, in relation to the history of his people. **

You have to wonder where the Chief got the idea that his ancestors came from Asia and landed near the Isthmus of Darian. If James Adair and others are correct and believe that the Muscogees and other tribes have Hebrew sounding words and their traditions are similar to the Hebrews then this might mean that a family or a group of families of Hebrew origins started a colony near the Isthmus of Darian and through the generations ended up in southeastern US. This just a thought that I am still working on.

This is an excellent compilation of the early history of the southeastern United States.  This gives an unbiased look at research that has been done by earlier historians, especially James Adair, Bartram, and Milfort. I read James Adair’s book  The History of the North American Indians and it is a great source of information on tribal customs of the southeastern tribes. One of the things I remember most about this book is that he states that he is not trying to prove that the Indians came from Hebrew origins but presents discoveries made by him of the possibility of Hebrew origins. He was not impressed by scientists living in Washington DC who lived so close to the local tribes and has had many problems with the US government in his trading with the natives and the French. It is a very frank view of his life with the local tribes of Louisiana and Alabama.

These works by Pickett and others should be re-studied and reviewed in light of  small groups of families of Hebrew origins that taught the local natives their religion and advanced knowledge of farming, metallurgy, government, etc. These Hebrew families would have integrated and mixed with the local peoples but their traditions and knowledge would have survived the centuries. This would account for traditions of white, bearded men living amongst the tribes who taught them many new things. And this would account for not being able to find DNA evidence and the seemingly conflicting evidence of Mongolian origins and Hebrew-like language and customs.

This excerpt is from Incidents of Travel in Central America, Chiapas, and Yucatan by John L. Stephens:

According to the manuscript of Don Juan Torres, the grandson of the last king of the Quiches, which was in the possession

of the lieutenant-general appointed by Pedro de Alvarado, and which Fuentes says he obtained by means of Father Francis

Vasques, the historian of the order of San Francis, the Toltecas themselves descended from the house of Israel, who were

released by Moses from the tyranny of Pharaoh, and after crossing the Red Sea, fell into idolatry. To avoid the reproofs

of Moses, or from fear of his inflicting upon them some chastisement, they separated from him and his brethren, and under

the guidance of Tanub, their chief, passed from one continent to the other, to a place which they called the seven caverns,

a part of the kingdom of Mexico, where they founded the celebrated city of Tula. From Tanub sprang the families of the kings

of Tula and Quiche, and the first monarch of the Toltecas.

If this story is true then this would have happened before Lehi and Mulek arrived in the New World and the Mayan empire was already flourishing.  This is this main reason why I don’t believe that Lehi and his family would have landed anywhere near Central America. The time was not right for him to introduce the Church of Christ to these people. Only Mulek and his people who had very little religious teachings nor scriptures would have been able to live amongst these people. They brought ships with them and other things needed for the Mayan empire to grow. More to come…

More to come….

Bearded foreigners article.

I found this interesting article from the Ancient American Foundation website. Lots of great information on this site on Book of Mormon geography.