Noah's Family Map

I am putting this map up now and I will explain more later on.

Noah’s Family before Christ

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2 thoughts on “Noah's Family Map

  1. Nelson

    Does this showing of the map have anything to do with the swastika I wonder…just taking the first look at it, or is that just coincidence. I know the swastika was once a very sacred and pure symbol as used by many ancient and modern eastern religions, but that symbol was not tilted back like this and the Nazi sign. Just wanted to ask if that had any significance.

  2. uft36 Post author

    Hi, Nelson! I borrowed the swastika idea from the Hopi migrations and it just so happens that the angle was the same as the swastika we are familiar with. I haven’t researched or dug deeper into the meaning of this, yet. I saw a pattern and worked with it on my map. There may be something to this, I am not sure at this time. I was thinking ( I hope I don’t get into trouble with this thought) that maybe God used this same pattern to disperse the Jews throughout the world during the Diaspora. I will look into this more in the future. I just present this to give people something to think about and maybe someone could take up some research into this area.


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