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Ancient Artifacts of North America

For the past 200 years various people in all walks of life have discovered ancient artifacts that could not be easily explained in the traditional models of ancient American life. These artifacts range from stone boxes to copper shoes. A large number of artifacts contain mysterious writings that have not been translated and believed by some to be frauds, created by people to gain publicity or to sell them for profit. Throughout North America there is more than enough evidence to show that there have been other people from around the world have visited here before Columbus. Viking runes in Oklahoma, Michigan, and other places. Phoenician like inscriptions on the East coast. Artifacts found in Ohio, Illinois and Indiana. In my opinion, there is too much evidence found by various people in the past 200 years to suggest that every one of them have been manufactured for publicity or profit.

A friend of mine gave me a disk of images over 2 years ago that shows pictures of the Soper Savage collection, Burrows cave artifacts and other discoveries. I don’t have much information on the pictures or where they were taken. I want to post these for anyone who might be interested in doing further research in these artifacts. I will not debate on whether these are real or frauds. There are more than enough articles online you can read to find out more information.

This is a very small sampling. I have a lot more if anyone wants to do more research into them.

Ancient American Artifacts